Slavic Domovoi

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix the Elder –Autumn has come, which means the return of my apprentice’s Domovoi who has a name. He always returns around mid to late Autumn, and this year was no different. In 2015 he knocked on the glass window really loud, we opened the window, spoke out loud thanking him for returning and helping, and set out his welcome back dinner, for this Autumn arrival. I have been doing this for ten years.

He is respectful and benevolent by the mere fact that each year in Autumn, he asks permission to come in. Up until this year I have granted that passage as I never let anything into my space nor speak with any soul or mental astral bodied, passed on or alive.

This is the last year I will let him enter because my apprentice has graduated. I do the basic things like make him a…

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